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Bonus Episode

Did you even wonder who all those people mentioned at the end of an episode are? We are taking a break from our series on values-based volunteering to introduce our Serving Stories production team to you! All of us have volunteering experience with Serve the City, so we discuss our favorite experiences of serving, as well as our favorite episodes of Serving Stories so far. Below, you can watch the video version of the episode and see all our bright and shiny faces!

In the snippet above, you can see Ani Deal, our host and the voice of the podcast; Shannon Deal, writer and producer of Serving Stories; William Mounir, who does our rough sound edits and Instagram; Parker Deal, who finishes the podcast with detail editing and original music; and Frankie Granger, who corrects and edits our interview transcripts, and helps to pick out the “best bits” that end up in the episodes. In case you were wondering about the name similarities, Shannon is the mother of Ani and Parker and is thrilled to be working with her talented kids! (And of course, our other talented team members too…)

There is still room on the team for someone who wants to help us with writing our blog, managing SEO, and producing social media! If you are interested in helping out, contact

Here are links to the favorite episodes the team members mentioned:

Ani’s favorite episode: Chesapeake, VA, USA (S1, E2)

Frankie’s favorite episode: Respect: In the Stockings of St. Nicholas (S2, E5)

Parker’s favorite episode: Compassion: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes (S2, E8)

William’s favorite episode: Compassion: Nourishing Change Through Kindness (S2, E6)

Shannon’s favorite episode: Humility: Mopping Mayors and Stumbling Stones (S2, E3)

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